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Short Week

Jul 21

Today the girls left on Wednesday for a week and a half to attend the wedding of their uncle in Duluth.

While only in town for two full days, the girls got a lot of work done.

Gabrielle read “Ruby Holler.”  The book is 310 pages and was read in just two days.

Natalie kept busy by learning about lemurs, snakes and playing video games when we went to pick up pizza.


Another Fun Week

Jul 11

Well… Another fun week iending on a high note.  Today the girls went to see Toy Story 3 in 3D.  Despite dad thinking he saw both girls crying at the sad parts, the girls had a lot of fun.


At The Water Park With Dad

Jul 08

Today the girls got to hang out with dad at the water park.  The day was beautiful and the kids had a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, we had to cut our water park visit a little short because Natalie wasn’t feeling too well.  But at least we know she is allergic to tuna. :-)


Soccer Superstar

Jul 07

Today Natalie wrapped up her spring soccer season.

Though the Cardinals (Natalie’s team) didn’t win any games, they certainly had the most fun.

Last year Natalie received a participation trophy.  Even 2nd grade girls can’t escape the recession.

Quote of the day is from Natalie, “I got this thing and this thing. The other team didn’t get trophies either so I don’t care.”


Frogs and Water Park

Jul 06

While preparing lunch today, we had an unexpected visitor… a tiny little frog.  Though he did not join us for the meal we enjoyed starring at it while grilling.

After lunch, the girls got to go to the local water park; they were excited…

Fun quote of the day, “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” As I snap the picture of the girls in their goggles. :-)

As always, the girls had fun.